Andrew Poulos

Andrew Poulos

Founder, Poulos Accounting & Consulting, Inc.

Appears in 3 Episodes

Ep. 68 | 2024 IRS Update

In this episode, we reconnect with tax expert Andrew Poulos to jump into the anticipated IRS updates for the year 2024. As we traverse through recent transformations w...

Ep. 38 | IRS War Stories

Join us for this episode of swapping “IRS War Stories" as we dive into the fascinating world of tax audits and share captivating tales of triumph, challenges, and the ...

Ep. 14 | Love Letters from Darth Vader? (Handling IRS Notices)

It’s not always detrimental when an IRS notice (Love Letter) hits your mailbox. Beyond having the courage to open the envelope RIGHT AWAY, some strategies can be deplo...

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