Ep. 79 | A Day In The Life of A Tax Pro

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Episode Summary:
In this episode of the Teaching Tax Flow podcast, Chris Picciurro steps into the spotlight as he sheds light on his day-to-day life as a tax professional. The conversation takes an intimate turn as Chris shares his journey from an entrepreneurial paperboy to becoming a knowledge powerhouse in the realm of taxes. This episode delves into the intricacies of a tax professional's world, juxtaposed with the fun banter between the hosts, making the subject accessible to listeners from all walks of life.

Chris breaks down his professional activities into three core areas: tax compliance work, advisory services, and practice management. 

He emphasizes the importance of not just looking backward, akin to a review mirror but also planning forward akin to looking through a windshield, a practice modern tax professionals are increasingly embracing. From sharing how he gravitated toward the tax profession to discussing the future of accounting, this episode is rich with insights into the complexities and transformations within the tax industry.

Key Takeaways:
  • The life of a tax professional extends beyond the tax season and involves a mix of compliance, advisory, and practice management.
  • Chris, having over 20 years of experience, has seen a major shift in his practice from compliance-heavy work to advisory services.
  • Modern tax practices are increasingly becoming virtual, emphasizing the importance of adapting to new technologies.
  • Chris discusses the industry's talent gap, advocating for the profession to attract new generations into the field.
  • The conversation also touches on the personal elements of Chris's life, such as his enthusiasm for pickleball.

Notable Quotes:
  • "I'm more of an entrepreneur that got into running an accounting or CPA practice than a traditional."
  • "It's only a problem until there's a process."
  • "It's a great profession if you know someone that's interested in learning about it."
  • "We're virtual on the private side. We're a virtual practice."
  • "We have to make this profession more attractive."

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Ep. 79 | A Day In The Life of A Tax Pro
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