Ep. 83 | What You Need To Know About Long-Term Care (LTC)

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In this episode of the "Teaching Tax Flow" podcast, we jump into the critical subject of long-term care (LTC) planning. Bringing on board expertise and personal insights, guest Brooke Crane Acre explores what individuals need to consider while preparing for potential LTC needs. Brooke shares stories and advice to help listeners understand the significance and nuances of LTC.

Two contrasting examples from Brooke's personal life paint a picture of what long-term care can look like and underline the individual nature of care needs. The discussion covers the evolution of LTC insurance, highlighting modern policies that provide more control and assurance to policyholders. Brooke discusses using qualified assets for LTC coverage, the importance of having a documented plan, and the emotional and financial benefits of in-home care.

Key Takeaways:
  • Long-term care planning is essential as we age, and it's optimal to start considering it around the age of 55.
  • Modern LTC policies have evolved, allowing for more flexibility and assurance, ensuring it's not a "use it or lose it" scenario.
  • Family involvement is crucial; individuals should communicate and document their care preferences and appoint responsible parties for decision-making.
  • LTC insurance can be tailored to include inflation protection, ensuring the policy's value grows with time and cost of living increases.
  • Planning ahead with LTC insurance means peace of mind for the future, potentially mitigating the burden on both the individual and their family.

Notable Quotes:
  • "What long-term care is, is support and services to help you meet your personal and medical needs as we all age." - Brooke Crane Acre
  • "If you don't use it, you don't lose it. And that is what to me is very important when we're planning for long-term care, is that that money is always yours." - Brooke Crane Acre
  • "It's a lot easier now to document that and to have someone say, okay, this is what mom wants, or this is what grandma wanted, or this is what my sister wanted, as opposed to not asking that person." - Brooke Crane Acre

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John Tripolsky
John Tripolsky
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Brooke Crane Acre
Brooke Crane Acre
Executive Officer & Founder, Wealth Reimagined Group
Ep. 83 | What You Need To Know About Long-Term Care (LTC)
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